Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I thought that in honor of school almost being out, I would get this layout done from my sons first day of school this year.  I try to always make their own scrapbook layout to go in their Project Life School Albums.  I got Caleb's done, but I never got around to Jacob's.  So I told myself I had to finish it before this school year was finished, which for my boys is next week.

I came across this grid patterned paper and I loved it.  I love a grid looking layout.  There is something so clean about the way it looks to me.  I loved most of all the little sections on this paper, and I decided the ones I didn't care for the most I could cover up or embellish.

 I made myself some notes in pencil as to which ones I wanted to add photos to.  I also added some information that was perfect in some of the sections.  There was a spot with the days of the week listed, and since the kids have an nontraditional schedule, I thought this was a perfect spot to put this in there.

Another thing I always make sure to do on each of the kids school layout is their grade, school name and teachers name.  Then I make sure that somewhere on the page I have them hand write their name.  I love this element, so that we can compare each year to how their writing changes.  I always have them write it in pencil first and I carefully trace over it in pen.  Especially if they are writing right on the layout itself, this has saved us some major disasters a few times for sure.  

I printed the photos I wanted to use from thier first day so that they would fit in the boxed I wanted them to go in.  I love this too because it makes it look like they now have perfect borders around the photos. 

For the rest of the boxes, I tried to just add some basic embellishments that went with my back to school theme.  I added some word stickers all together to form somewhat of a subway art look, which I love.  I added some text stars, because to me anything with text says school and the same with stars.  
I die cut a 4 from some yellow grid patterned paper that matched the rest of the layout, and the "th" and "grade" using black cardstock and attached those right in one of the boxes. 

I finished off the last of the final touches with some yellow ruler washi tape on each photo, to give it the look that the tape was holding on each photo, and a small tiny paper clip on the top left card, that I also added to the layout.  I added a little journaling in a box that was lined and that completed my layout.  

I am excited to be able to add this to his school album and maybe this coming year I can get it done before he is about done with the school year.  


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