Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Clean and Simple Scrapbooking with Journal Cards #34

Hello everyone!!  It's me, Kymona and I'm super excited to be here.  I'm here to show you how to create a clean and simple scrapbooking page with journaling cards.

Would you believe if I told you scrapbooking was my first love before card making?  Well it was!!  I use to create scrapbooks for my son, when he was born.  That was 18 years ago and boy have things changed.  Scrapbook pages are so elaborate these days I wasn't sure where to begin.  Now don't laugh at me but its true.  Do you start with the paper, the embellishment, the colors or photos?

When Jennifer asked me about scrapbooking I told her my story and my dilemma.  She kindly let me know that she had a solution for me!! Yayyyy!!  The Layout A Week team!!  The goal is to inspire scrapbookers, new and old (thats me), on how to create easy to make layouts with no waste!!

Lets get started!!

Here is a list of supplies:

When I sat down to think about what I wanted to create, I knew I wanted a modern look with a  clean and simple feel, since that's my style.

So I went with a pocket page!  I see so many of them these days, I wanted to give it a try.

Take a look at what I created:

Here is how I created this page:

1. Scrolled through all of your pictures on your computer in search of the perfect pictures. That will help you decide how many pockets you will need to create for this page.  Print the pictures, size them, add stickers, then place them in their pockets.

2. Then decide on the pattern papers/journal cards you wanted to use that matched what was happening in the photos. Once you pick them all out, add them to their pockets.

3. After that, pick out some embellishments that matched the colors on the pattern paper. Add them to the pocket of your choice.

4. Decorate the pocket that has the embellishment with a sticker.

5. Type or write your message, add a sticker then add it to its pocket.

6. Seal all of the pockets so that nothing falls out to the pockets.

Nice, easy and definitely clean and simple.

So what do you think?  Would you give this style of scrapbooking a try? I would love to hear from you.  Leave a  comment below.

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Simple String Art for Stunning Scrapbook Layouts- Week #33

Texture and dimension are integral parts of scrapbook page design. Creating a simple string art background is a quick and easy way to give your page both. 

Quick Tips for creating a Simple String art Background:

  • Choose your supplies first. The color of your supplies will guide your selection when it comes to choosing the color of your string.
  • Choosing a piece of patterned paper with a grid or polka dots can save you time. You won't have to use a ruler to measure or align the dots. You can use plain cardstock. If you do, be sure to mark your dots lightly with a pencil. Light pencil marks are easier to erase than dark ones.

  • If you plan to tuck stickers among the string( like I did), have some scrap cardstock at the ready. Back the stickers with the cardstock and cut it out. You don't want that die cut to stick flat to the string, you want it to pop up off the page slightly. The cardstock will give the sticker some heft and enable it to stick up from the page with support.Use a craft knife to trim off excess cardstock or to remove cardstock from inner sections of the sticker( as with the space inside the kettle shown above).

Take a look at this video to see just how easy it is to create this string art background.

Supplies Used

Jewels: Duck Tape Brand

Monday, August 8, 2016

Buttered Toast Scrapbook Page Week #32

Hi Rose here! Today, I am going to share with you two things, a little secret about me and a very, quick, easy, and fun, multi-photo scrapbook layout. I'm in love with Snapchat. The filters bring me so much laughter that I check in every single morning to start my day. If you're not familiar with Snapchat, it's an app on your phone. It has a series of filters that can alter your appearance, voice and even interact when you raise your eyebrows or open your mouth. It has a lot of other cool features going on, but for the sake of this post, you get the gist. 

My daughter had discovered the newest Snapchat filter (unbeknownst to her, I had already discovered it). Bread! She says to me "mom, they have bread", I responded with "I know", she says, "I wish it would put butter on me when I open my mouth" as she swiftly sent me a snap. When I received it, I laughed so hard. I had to screenshot it for future laughs and entertainment. This post contains affiliate links.

"If buttered toast is what she wants, buttered toast she shall have!"

Buttered Toast Scrapbook Page

Start with a piece of white cardstock. I want the focus to remain on the images and speak the title loudly, so I kept the background very simple. 

Blend white gesso and Clearsnap Smooch Spritz in sun kissed to create creamy buttery yellow. Then add in gel paste to give it a bit of depth for the effect of slathered butter.

Using a palette knife spread on as you would butter on toast. Use a heat tool to dry or set it aside to dry over night.

Print images and fussy cut the "pieces of bread". With my HP Printer, I used HP Snapshots to print my snapchat images. I love the HP Snapshots because they're already adhesive. Much like stickers, just peel the plastic backing and adhere to your projects.

Next, adhere your images. Embellish with eggs and bacon embellishment stickers (so simple and so easy) and add title using letter stickers.

Lastly, add journaling, This Buttered Toast Scrapbook Page would not have been complete without the inclusion of the memory.

Have you ever tried creating your own "medium" for mixed media backgrounds? 
Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your ideas.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Adapt a Pattern for Smaller Photos - Week #30

It's Nancy, bringing you week #30 of Layout-A-Week! I have nearly 30 years of photos from before I started scrapbooking that are in boxes, waiting for me to give them some attention. One of the challenges of using them is that they are smaller than today's standard size of 4" x 6" prints, so they don't match a lot of today's supplies for creating quick and easy pages.

Today I'm working with photos from 1994 using a page design from Cutting Pattern #3 of Jennifer Priest's Scrap Free Scrapbooking ebook. This page layout pattern is designed for two 4" x 6" photos, but like most of the patterns is easily adaptable to smaller photo sizes. Using Scrap Free Scrapbooking is one of my favorite ways to get my older photos into albums! This post contains affiliate links

The layout is designed to have the large patterned paper block on it, and then two 4" x 6" vertical photos in the bottom left corner. With the smaller photos (3.5" x 5") in place, it left loads of room vertically and horizontally to fill.
I filled this room by adding another photo - this one horizontal - in the upper right corner, and a large title block across the center. 
The large text title was cut out as text on my Cricut Explore die cutting machine. It's great being able to cut out detailed items like this, but not so fun having to adhere them. I always run them through my Xyron machine to turn them into stickers. It's a real sanity saver! 
Since these photos are so old, I don't have a lot of detailed memories to journal to go with them. Strip journaling is the perfect solution for when you only have a few details to add to a layout. 
I typed my strips up in Microsoft Word and left an extra line in the document in between the lines that I wanted to turn into strips. Then I just printed it out and trimmed it into strips on my Westcott Titanium paper trimmer. 
I used the text stickers to add a bit more journaling to the layout, while also adding some decoration as well. I wanted the photos to be the focus, and I also didn't want the layout to be too busy and compete with the already busy photographs. The stickers give a nice touch of detail and color without being overwhelming. 
I used the flower stickers to "frame" the center section of the layout. They fill white space and keep the eye from falling off the edge when reading the strip journaling and stickers. 
In the Garden layout by Nancy Nally
Go dig those boxes of old photos out of the closet! With some creative use of patterns, you could have them scrapped in no time at all. 


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The best scrapbookers ever! The 2016 Layout-A-Week Team

I am super excited to announce the best scrapbookers ever, the new designers for the Layout-A-Week blog. Please join me in welcoming the 2016 Layout-A-Week team!

Christy has been enjoying the expat lifestyle since 2006 when she and her family sold their home and most of their belongings to move to Nassau, Bahamas. She loves to travel and explore new places. Though originally from Florida, Christy currently resides in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates with her husband, son,two striped island cats and one desert kitty. She began scrapbooking in 2001. Since then, scrapbooking has become both an obsession and a creative outlet.  Recently she has also found she loves  art journaling and mixed media.
When she is not scrapbooking or creating, you can find her spending time with her family, homeschooling her son or playing a video game. She is currently creating for Get It Scrapped, Simple Scrapper, and Layout a Week.

Blog Link: http://myscrapbookevolution.com/

Nancy is the owner of Nally Studios LLC., and the blogger/owner of Scrapbook Update and Craft Critique. An avid scrapbooker for nearly twenty years, Nancy is well-known for her knowledge of industry trends and trade news, and for her no-fuss design style. Her extensive resume includes teaching in scrapbook stores in Michigan and Florida, a long list of blogging & writing credits, and appearances on the TV series Scrapbook Soup. Nancy lives in Florida with her husband, their daughter, and a cat that thinks it's a dog.

Bio:  Hello, I’m Kymona Tracey. Who am I, you ask? I am a women who never slows down and loves it. Yes… I am the energizer bunny’s sister! I just keep going and going (which is something that I am working on, if you follow my weekly wishes on my blog). I am a single mother of two wonderful children who are 8 years apart. My 18 year old son is a true self-made jock who plays every sport you can think of! He is leaving for college in a few months.  My 9 year old daughter is a real life princess who loves anything crafty and girly and absolutely hates anything related to sports. Talk about yin and yang! …but I love it!! Besides running from one activity to another with them, I work full time at a hospital (public health background), facilitate a reading group at work, teach high school students on the weekends and have a huge love of learning new things. I’ve taken classes in photography, web design, knitting, scrapbooking and card-making. I love them all, however, my true passion is card-making. I was introduced to card making back in 2004 and haven’t turned back since. I started out as a hobbyist just making cards for family and friends. People were always ecstatic when they received a card from me. What they did not know was that it made me feel just as special to make a card for them. This passion pushed me into teaching card-making classes at work with a couple of coworkers who wanted to learn how to make projects for their families. In September 2013, I made a big leap and created my blog, Kreative Kymona. Besides being a mom, I think that this has been one of my most rewarding accomplishments. Just being able to share with my world community makes life so rewarding!

Bio: Hi! I'm Rose, a 36 year old Stay-at-home, wife, mother of 4, grandmother, professional blogger at Immutable Ramblings and inspired creative. It started as a love for capturing and documenting my family's memories and quickly turned into a passion for inspiring others. The happiness I have found has ignited the desire to encourage and inspire others to explore their own creative expression.

Blog Link: http://immutableramblings.com

I am so excited for you to see what the team creates this year. There are so many exciting things in store! We have every style of scrapbooking represented with these talented team members. Before you go, let us know what style of scrapbooking you do!

The new team starts posting after August 1, 2016. Be sure to sign up to get email updates in the sign up box in the right sidebar.

- Jennifer

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Make Your Page Pop With Inked Edges - Week #26

It's Nancy, back with week #26 of Layout-A-Week! Sometimes, the simplest techniques can make the biggest impact. This week I'm going to show you how a delicate touch of inking can make your elements pop!

For my layout today, I'm working with a design from Cutting Pattern #1 of Jennifer Priest's Scrap Free Scrapbooking ebook. I love working with the patterns in this book! It makes it easy to create gorgeous layouts quickly, and with no paper waste.

I started the layout by cutting out all of my patterned papers (from the Pink Paislee C'est La Vie collection) to the pattern's dimensions. The background paper is color blocked, and this template takes advantage of that, creating extra lines in the layout.

But if you look closely at the assembled layout, the edges of my pale patterned papers are disappearing into the background sheet, especially in certain areas of the background pattern. It looks wishy washy.
To give the layout some definition, a simple fix is needed. I got out two colors of my Colorbox Mixed Media Inx by Donna Salazar, one for each patterned paper block. Holding them at a 90 degree angle to the surface of the paper, I very lightly brushed them along the edge of the paper to rub just a slight coating of ink onto the edge of the paper. 

The angle to the paper is the key to success with this technique. I frequently will ink edges by holding an ink pad at about a 45 degree angle to the front surface of the paper. When I do that, I want the ink to bleed over the edge onto the surface and be noticeable on the front of the paper. By holding the ink pad at 90 degrees, it barely touches the front of the paper and you get more a shadow than a noticeable color. 

Here's what my layout looked like after I brushed ink along the paper edges. The edges now look harder and more distinct, but they don't jump out as having been colored. It's subtle, but the layout looks cleaner and the patterns look more separated. 
Once the patterned paper foundation was in place, I added photos and embellishments on top of it. First up, were the photos, the layout's largest element. One 4x6 photo and one 4x4 photo set along the angle of the background paper's design let the line lead the eye right through them! 

The next element - my title - was an easy one with the help of my Cricut machine. The Graphically Speaking cartridge was one of the first ones I bought years ago, and the H20 graphic from it was perfect for a swimming page title! Since the layout was already so busy with all of the patterned paper, I chose simple gray cardstock for making the title. 

The title's alignment and size were very carefully created. At this size (3.5" wide), the H lines up perfectly with the edge of the pink patterned paper while not having the 2 overlapping on the photo. Vertically, I placed the 0 right along the edge of the pink paper, creating a nice (but not too big) underneath the H and the hook on the 2 is then completely on the pink paper. 

It may seem fussy to sweat things like that but small details of alignment help make layouts look balanced and "finished" versus randomly thrown together. And it really only takes a moment to give an extra thought to how all the edges of an item are sitting in relation to other elements. 
There's really only one other large element on the layout, and that's the tag. The tag originally just said "hello" but I stamped the word "adorable" underneath it to tie it in with the photos and the layout better. 

I also added a few 3D embellishments - a button and some sequins from the 28 Lilac Lane "Vintage Findings" embellishment kit by Buttons Galore, where I am social media manager. These embellishments add a pop of shine and color to the tag and give the layout dimension. I also added a few sequins from the kit to the opposite corner of the layout near the end of the journaling. These little touches are easy to do but they are details that really take a layout to the next level! 

With a pattern, and a few perfect details, your photos can take center stage in a quick and easy layout! 

  • Pink Paislee C'est La Vie collection (11, 12, 07)
  • Gray cardstock
  • Cricut Explore Machine & Graphically Speaking cartridge
  • Colorbox Donna Salazar Mix'd Media Inx (Chiffon, Pewter)
  • Colorbox Pigment Ink (unknown pink)
  • Crate Paper Notes n' Things Ephemera Pack
  • Crate Paper Notes n' Things Accent Stickers
  • Hero Arts "You & Me" acrylic stamp set
  • Sharpie Fine Point Pen
  • Ribbon (unknown)
  • 28 Lilac Lane by Buttons Galore "Vintage Findings" embellishment kit
  • Jennifer Priest's Scrap Free Scrapbooking ebook

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to Make Simple DIY String Art Embellishments- Week #25

This summer, I keep seeing string art popping up everywhere. It's fun to make and gives your home an instant cozy, handmade with love feel. String art is also something that's easy to create in scrapbook embellishment form. More than likely, you have all of the supplies on hand which makes this a budget friendly way to join in on the trend. The basic supplies consist of a permanent marker, chipboard shape, adhesive and string.

Step One: Choose the chipboard shape for your string art.

I chose to use these chipboard cats from Totem Poppets, but any chipboard shape will do. You will need to decide a base color for the chipboard. I chose black and used a permanent marker to color the chipboard pieces. You could easily use ink or paint as well and choose any color you wish.

Step Two: Add a strip of adhesive to the back of the chipboard.

A tape runner seems to work best. Double sided tape would also be a good choice. Run a small line of the adhesive down the center of the chipboard piece. As you wind the string, it will stick to the adhesive and not slip off. 

Step Three: Wind the String around the Chipboard Piece.

You may need to add more adhesive as you work. Using 2-3 strands of string, wrap it around the shape at uneven intervals until you are happy with the way it looks. I chose three colors of string to make the piece a little more interesting. 

It does help to have a prior idea of where your string art piece is going to be placed on the finished layout. It isn't a heavy or bulky embellishment, but it may be large depending on the size of the chipboard piece you chose. I love that each piece is unique and that they are easy to make. It took me about 10-15 minutes from start to finish to create this cat embellishment. You can easily adapt this technique for any chipboard shape. Consider refreshing older chipboard letters in your supplies.

Have you tried string art? Share links to your string art creations in the comments for this blog post.

Supplies Used:
Xyron Adhesive
Embroidery Floss
Permanent Marker
Patterned Paper by LilyBee Designs
Flowers by Recollections
Stickers by Evalicious
Letters by Basic Grey and American Crafts