Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I think out of all our memories from this summer, this one is by far my most favorite.
I really loved the photo I took and the impact it had on me in black and white, so I wanted my layout colors to be not so bright and let the picture shine.  Because to me the picture is what tells me the story, that brings me right back to that moment in the pool.  

Now let me ask you this, have you ever created a layout without patterned papers?  I did for this layout.  I was looking through my stash of stuff and thought I would look through my cards I have on hand for pocket scrapbooking.  I found the quote one and instantly knew I wanted this to be right next to my picture on the layout.  Well as I was looking through the rest of the cards, I came across the polka dot ones and the chevron ones.  They matched since they were from the same collection.
The best part is that they are pre cut down to a small size and I don't have to fuss with any trimming.  A win win in my book anyday.

So I lined up the patterned cards on the bottom of a white sheet of cardstock and attached the large quote card to the left side above that.
When I was going through my ever growing stash of tags, I did happen to find this little piece of turquoise scraps that was cut like a flag, so I trimmed it down to add a little more color to the layout.
I then added my photo that I printed at home in a 5x7 size and added a piece of that scrap I cut off from the flag on the right side of the photo.  This added a little pop of color on the right side of the layout as well. 
I found my little frames, and decided to add a few color photos from the same visit to the pool.  I thought these in color would add more to the layout than in black and white.  In color they actually matched the layout quite well, and then to me it makes the large black and white photo pop so much more. 

After I added my photos, I added the tags to the top of the quote card.  

Then I added my hand written journaling on a card and attached that to the bottom side of the quote card.  Want to know something fun, the little saying card at the top that says "this is pure happiness", well it was a large card, but I only wanted the top saying to show, so I trimmed most of it off and the journaling is actually on the bottom part of that card.  I would rather be able to use the bottom half instead of just lost underneath something anyways.  Great way to get the most out of your supplies. 

The last and final thing I do on all my layouts once the main elements are down and in place, is add some fun little extra details.  I added the enamel dots, and all the grouping of matching stickers on the bottom right side of the layout under my photo.  Then I added the tiny little paper clips to the quote card and the word stickers to the small photo frames.  I think all the last extra detail elements sometimes help finish off the layout.  All I do for this is take out my bucket of "extra" stuff, and see what I have that matches or goes with the theme of my layout and add as I go along.  

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my layout. 

What is your favorite memory this summer?

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