Friday, January 8, 2016

Xyron - Creative Station Review

I had the opportunity to review the Xyron Creative Station machine.  
Let me just start by saying WOW, I love this machine already and I have only used it now for the first time.  

I have never had a machine that could do as many things like this one. The cartridges are so easy to change, they just snap right in. 

First I started with the laminating cartridge.  No heat at all required.

I decided to make a little meal planner for the fridge.  I printed this one out and trimmed it down to size.  (Well I did print it again so the words weren't cut off, and apparently I forgot to take a picture of the correct one).

Then I just aligned the paper up to the left side, turned the handle and it laminated itself as it came out the other side of the machine.  

It was really that simple.  Once it came out, there is a trimming blade right on the Creative Station.  I trimmed it off, then trimmed the excess laminate off with my trimmer. 

After that I took a roll of magnet that I had on hand and cut 3 strips to add to the back of the meal planner laminated sheet.  

Because the roll has been rolled up for so long, once I added the magnet strips to the back of the laminated paper, it was trying to roll right up.  So I took my smaller Xyron Mega Runner out and ran it quickly on the sticky side of the magnet strip.  Because the adhesive is so strong, it worked perfectly to hold in place, and keep it from trying to curl up.  

Then I attached it to the fridge and used some dry erase markers to fill in some info.  Perfect.  

So then I decided I wanted to use the magnet cartridge and see how that did. 
I printed some Becky Higgins quotes from my Project Life App, and used the laminate cartridge on them first.  

I trimmed them down to fit in the smaller 5" cartridge and ran them through the machine.  

Once those came out, I trimmed them down with my paper trimmer, right to the edge of the paper and it did great.

I added those to the fridge as well.  

Because I just couldn't stop using it, I used the regular permanent adhesive for part of a layout too.  The outline of the 2016 was so thin, I didn't want to use my mega runner, so I ran it all through the creative station. Worked perfectly! It made it so much easier to attach them to my layout.  

My conclusion on this AMAZING machine is that I don't know why I didn't have this in my life sooner.  I love it and am already thinking of what I can use it for next.  
Maybe some laminated math cards for my kids, or magnets of my kids for the fridge.  I think the ideas are endless.  I am so glad I was able to review this!

Have you used the Xyron Creative Station?  What is your favorite cartridge? 


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