Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Glimpse into My Style Week #35

Does anyone really have a set specific scrapbooking style?  I don't even know really what to call these so called styles.  I just create what I like and I follow many people on social media with plenty of different "styles".  I don't follow any specific rules or anything, I just kind of go with what looks good to me.  In the end if you are happy with your own pages, that is all that matters anyways right? Ya.

I would have to say that I think my scrapbook pages have changed so much since my first days of creating layouts.  I will never forget going to my grandmas house for my aunts Creative Memories party and spending like $100 on an order of supplies and albums.  I think I was hooked from then on.  I later branched out from the "rules" of CM that you were supposed to follow and started buying (and collecting) scrapbook supplies from other companies and stores.  

In my early days I have to admit I did not do a lot of journaling on my layouts and I look back and see that it was different in my eyes back then, I think it more just about events on paper to me.  It was just like a photo of each person at a party, to show the event happened.  Over the years, and after having children I have learned that the purpose for me in scrapbooking is more about remembering the emotions or special event, or capturing the character of my children, or the funny things they say.  I want to look back on my layouts and remember that feeling I felt or that special event we went to, or laugh at the funny things they said, or remember my sons favorite toy when he was 2 that I may have forgotten about as the years went by.

Here are a few of my current layouts I wanted to share with you.

This one I wanted to capture that feeling of us traveling to Arizona for the first time for a job interview for my husband back at the begining of the year.  *A fun note : we now live in Arizona because of this and another trip in July for this job. *  When I look at this layout I instantly feel that emotion of our first trip out here and seeing that Arizona sign.  

This is another one of my favorite layouts. I love the color turquoise and I love the pop of yellow paired with it in this layout.  This is also on a 12x12 clear sheet of acetate.  I loved the straight lines of the papers and then the tilted look of the photos.  I turned a few of my photos in black and white and then kept one in color, and it just happened to work out that that photo adds visual color to the layout since the water matches the overall layout.  

This one I wanted a list type journaling to record some of my daughters favorite things at 5 years old.  I made this layout the same colors that we did her 5th birthday party in.  I look at this layout and I remember the party instantly.  

This layout was alot of fun to create.  Instead of creating several different layouts about different things and events that happened last summer, I made one layout with all the fun things from that summer that we did.  It is a great way to record many events at one time.

Some fun little things about my "style" that I tend to go to with every layout :

* I have an obsession with enamel dots.
* I love to use washi tape as a added little pop of something extra.
* I always leave a white boarder around my photos.  
* I love to layer papers 
* One of my favorite things is saving tags from clothings to use on my layouts
* I have to have everything matchy matchy in some way or another.  
* I don't have a problem mixing paper lines, I just go for what matches for my layout idea. 

Well there is a little glimpse into my style of scrapbooking.  I hope you enjoy and thank you for stopping by.  
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  1. I love the way you use all the pictures!!! beautiful layouts!!! ....Thanks for sharing your style!


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