Tuesday, April 14, 2015


When I started this layout the end result was much different in my mind.  But that is ok because I love the way it came out.  I had these papers and this photo set aside for quite some time but just wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with it.  Did I want to focus on what we were doing that day and why I snapped the picture or just use it to focus on them only.  In the end I did just that, I used it to focus on them and a message I want them to remember for all their life.  ALWAYS BE THANKFUL.  

I cut up some of the papers and the cards and glued them down.  This was part of my original plan, so I was pretty sure that is where I wanted it all to go.  The rest was more of a progression as I played with things and moved them around.  

I decided the big empty space needed something big as well and I really wanted to use that vellum &.  So with matching alphabet stickers I added the kids names. The rest of the space still felt so blank to me.  

I thought the left side seemed a little blah as well, so I cut down some thin strips and glued those down to help balance out that empty side.  

Sometimes I have to walk away from a layout to actually figure out what I want to do to it.  So that is what I did.  I walked away for a few hours and when I came back to it , it evolved into exactly what it ended up being.  

Next I added the journaling which really brought it to life.  I just printed it right on my patterned paper from my printer.

I then added the vellum leaves and the circles over the leaves.  
It still was missing one small thing to me, and that is when I knew it needed these wood veneer hearts.  PERFECT.  I just used a little liquid adhesive to attatch those to the layout and done.  

I think since the layout is kind of in a grid type format, the hearts really tie each part together.  The colors of the layout are muted so it isn't to girly or too boyish for a photo of all the kids together.

The last final thing I decided to do was sign love, mom on the bottom of the journaling.  I can't wait to add this to the album now.


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